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Very Quickly Nic Helped me Gain Clarity!

Emma Middleton CEO Mums Coaching for Mums in Business and Mastermind Groups

I can’t think of anything more I would want from a mentor. She lifts you up and helps you find power and resources from within that you didn’t think you had. She invites you to see your true potential and then fights your corner while you make it happen. She knows her stuff and she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, making her the ideal role model. She treats you like an equal and it’s fun working with her, yet it feels like you’re in a meeting with a calm, wise Buddha. Her warmth and generosity are endless, she is a genuine diamond.

Before working with Nicola I was overwhelmed, confused and full of doubts. I hadn’t been coached before so I was a little nervous and apprehensive before our first session. Within minutes Nicola put me at ease with her warmth and genuine interest in my well-being.

I had business ideas and some vague goals, but I was spending too much time going round in circles and wondering what to do next. Very quickly Nic helped me gain clarity on my goals and overcome a huge mental hurdle that was fundamental to my progress. She was fully committed to helping me achieve what I wanted, I felt like I could do anything with Nic by my side! She didn’t judge me or question my ideas and it made me feel like I could literally achieve anything I wanted. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious and I couldn’t help but feel inspired and invigorated after our sessions.

I wouldn’t be where I am now, on the way to my ideal life, without the work I did with Nicola. I’m not scared to dream big and I have an actual plan with achievable steps to make it happen! I’m so excited for the future and continuing this journey, a journey where you helped me take my very first step into coaching.

~ Emma Middleton

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