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She REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to business

Brenda Gabriel - Nicola Huelin Business Coach & Mento

I was coached and mentored by Nicola for six months and I am not exaggerating when I say during that time she was my biggest cheerleader. There was never a time that I came off a call and didn’t feel better about everything. Nicola is one of the kindest, genuine, supportive, loving people I have ever encountered.

Not only this, she REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to business and making it work for you. I learned things from Nicola about business and strategy I hadn’t learned in 11 years of working with the Crown Prosecution Service.

The work Nicola does is so important. As a mum in business, it’s very easy to feel you have to succumb to the hype of making huge sums of money as quickly as possible – or risk feeling like a failure. Nicola has made it her life mission to enable mums to create a life of their dreams on their terms for them and their families. Since working with Nicola I feel empowered to do just that. Nicola walks her truth and is so passionate about doing everything in her power to make sure everyone that works with her can do the same. I know she sounds ridiculously perfect and she is!

Brenda Gabriel, Publicist & Marketing Strategist, London

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