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Nicola Huelin – Founder & Business Coach/Mentor

You might be wondering what qualifies me to talk about business success and to coach and mentor other women, so please do feel free to check out my credentials below.

I believe helping others is about more than just our qualifications and professional experience, it’s also about who we are as a person and our personal journey, so if you’re interested in knowing more about why I do what I do, and my personal journey, then you can also check out  “My Story”

About Nicola Huelin

WIB Awards Winner Nicola Huelin of CEO Mums

Nicola Huelin is a multi-award winning women’s business coach & mentor, inspirational speaker and author with over 20 years’ in business; combining corporate experience as an executive and senior business consultant within multiple industries; Telecommunications, IT, Public Sector, Education, Hospitality and 12 years an Entrepreneur, Freelancer and small business owner.

Nicola holds an Honours degree in business economics with a specialism in Marketing from Southampton University and postgraduate qualifications in business, change and project management and was an approved Marketing Advisor on the government’s Business Growth Voucher programme.

A registered AMAC coach (Associate member) with the Association for Coaching, Nicola is a fully qualified Small Business Coach and Personal Transformation Life Coach, and holds a diploma in Small Business Coaching, Group Coaching and Personal Transformation Coaching from the Animas Centre for coaching, London. All coaching training fully accredited and recognised by The International Coach Federation, The Institute of Leadership Management and The Complimentary Therapists Association.

Trusted for her expertise, caring and down to earth approach and holistic philosophy when defining and achieving success, as well as having combined a successful career and business success with raising a family, Nicola has become a highly sought after women’s business coach and mentor to other mums in business and is on a personal mission to empower one million mums in business.

Founder of the UK network of Mpower Mastermind groups and international business community CEO Mums (Cherish.Every.Opportunity), Nicola’s work has been featured on international TV, and has received multiple awards, including:

  • Best Parent in Business (London & South East), Mumandworking awards, 2016 (in last 5, results Oct 2016)
  • Most Empowering Coach/Mentor, Women are B.E.S.T. awards, Winner 2015
  • Best Supporting Business, National MumpreneurUK business awards, Finalist 2015
  • Best New Business, Women in Sussex awards, Winner 2014
  • Sussex Woman of the year, honorary luncheon hosted by Lady Camilla Parker Bowles and Edwina Sandys (granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill)

Nicola is author of the recently published ebook Startup Success – 10 essential ingredients to start and grow a successful business and the forthcoming book The M-Plan – 6 steps to launch and grow your dream business

Nicola is regularly asked to share her business expertise and her inspirational personal story talking to large audiences around the UK, for example the London Summit for changemakers, women’s business networks, European business schools, Mums Enterprise Roadshows and The Work & Family Show (Excel London).

Nicola is currently preparing a TED talk on the growing power of Mumpreneurs within the UK economy.

  • Animas Certified Coach AC Logo

Life qualifications & experience

Above and beyond her business experience, Nicola has a range of ‘life’ qualifications and experience:

  • First-hand experience of being an expat and relocating with family (Europe, Asia & Africa)
  • Experience of succeeding in male-dominated industries
  • Starting & running online and offline businesses
  • Surviving separation and divorce
  • Prospering as a single mother
  • Raising teenagers in today’s modern society
  • Raising a blended family

One of her most powerful personal references

Me and CarlieDear mother,

I love you very much and you are the best mum I could possibly ask for. You helped me out in all the situations where I needed that extra push and without you I wouldn’t be this person that I am now and going to [dream college]. When I go, I know for a fact that I will miss you because we have a bond that no one else has….

You’re the person who has always been there in my life and never left my side…. What more could I ask for.  We both helped each other through our ups and downs and I don’t know what to do when I am going to leave because even though you can be a pain, it doesn’t mean that I don’t need you. I have always needed you and if I am honest I am probably going to be jealous that my brothers have you all to themselves….

But I will keep my chin up if you do… I can only stay strong if you do because you are my role model and my inspiration to do more.

I love you mum,
More than anyone on this planet,
I know I don’t show it much but trust me…. No one can beat my love for you.

(letter written by her 16 year old daughter, spontaneously posted to Facebook community 2nd June 2013)

A professional reference

AnjaNicola’s professionalism in the way she approaches her career as a coach is exemplary, her entrepreneurship and creativity in expanding her business inspiring and her long-standing management consultancy background a big bonus. She has a passion for people which transpires in every interaction with her clients.

I have known Nicola for a number of years and, personally speaking, she is quite simply one of the best people I know. Her warmth, sincerity, generosity, kindness and sensitivity shine through every time. She is the best coach you could wish for.

Anja Manning Cucinotta, Italy (Full-time executive & Mum)

Nicola’s personal & Professional Values

Values say what is important to a person, and are a guiding force in how they live their life, the choices they make and the way they behave.  We are each unique, and values are different for different people.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to personal values, but I hope that by sharing you a picture of my own personal and professional values, you will get a sense of who I am as a person, even though we have not yet had the opportunity to meet.

This is what is important to me in life:


Being the best, true version of yourself personally and professionally.  Living a purposeful and fulfilling life, aligned with your personal values.


Believe in yourself and your own abilities.  Believe you are deserving and worthy of everything you have and desire in life.  Believe that you are strong, beautiful and resourceful.  Believe that there is no such thing as failure only ‘feedback’ from which we learn and grow.


Courage to seek the truth, to explore options, to accept and initiate change, to take action, to overcome obstacles, to smash limiting beliefs, to take on the inner voice, the ‘saboteur’, to follow your dreams, to be successful, to love and be loved without condition or limit.


Commitment to being true to oneself and to others.  Not giving up on important hopes and dreams when the going gets tough, or when it feels safer to stay in the comfort zone.  Commitment to making a positive difference where it really counts.


Working with others individually or as part of a team to achieve things that would otherwise be impossible.


To have passion and purpose to fuel your desire to be more and achieve more for oneself, one’s family and for society as a whole.


To relate to others with positivity and understanding, never judging or making assumptions, being able to view the world from their perspective.


Living your unique life purpose to the fullest: Body, Mind & Soul.


Giving without expecting something in return.  Giving your best personal and professional self in everything that you do.  Passionate about helping the family unit as a building block of future society, I donate a percentage of my profits and do fundraising for the UK charity Gingerbread (helping single parents get back in to the workforce).


Being honest with yourself and with others, even when honesty can feel challenging.


Giving and receiving love unconditionally and without limit.


Always acting with 100% integrity and transparency, to build safe, confidential, non-judgemental and trusting relationships with anyone who comes in to my life, personally or professionally.  I respect the highest standards for ethics and confidentiality, in accordance with the Association for Coaching code of ethics.

Animas Certified Coach

Fully qualified and accredited coach recognised by The International Coach Federation, The Institute of Leadership Management and The Complimentary Therapists Association.

AC LogoRegistered AMAC coach (Associate member) with the Association for Coaching

CEO Mums Mumpreneur UK Finalist

Multi award-winning