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Nic Huelin has an amazing insight into being a mum and a business woman

Fiona Moonan - Nicola Huelin Busines Coach & Mentor

Nic Huelin has an amazing insight into being a mum and a businesswoman.  She listens to your greatest fears, worries and your highest walls to climb, whilst also talking to you about what you have already achieved.  Then she works her magic and breaks those fears, worries and walls down to manageable chunks, so that they are not quite so scary because now you have the tools and support to conquer them all and she makes you proud of what you have already achieved.

Nic just gets those niggling fears and struggles of mums in business, which in a lot of cases, are what makes people quit their dreams/businesses as those fears sometimes feel like they are HUGE MONSTERS.  She also gets that being a mum entrepreneur is not a 9-5 job as a mum or entrepreneur and how draining it can be, trying to do both and some days feeling like you are not very good at either.  ]

Nic has a calmness and clarity with the way she works – never telling you to “make time” when you feel you don’t have a second to spare, but encourages you to take time out for yourself occassionally (even if its only 10 mins) and by doing that you give yourself the space and quietness to face the challenges that face you that day/week and most importantly not to feel guilty about this time out, as it helps you work and play better.

I have been to lots of different “coaching” seminars and met various people over the years, but when I first met Nic I knew that she was the right person for me to work with. I have complete confidence in her ability to take my business further, whilst allowing me to be a mum at the same time.  She has made me feel excited about the future … and the best bit… Nic GENUINELY cares about me and my businesses – not something you come across very often.

Fiona Moonan, Half Moon Travel, Birmingham

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