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How to get clients with ease and confidence, so you can stop feeling stressed and lost when it comes to Marketing and create a successful business AND a family lifestyle you love…

Keep reading to discover the simple step-by-step solution to attract clients without having to put in longer hours, be pushy or use hype, or waste more family-time and money trying to figure it all out!

Many mothers are attracted by the freedom and flexibility that having their own business promises, but the reality for many new business owners is they can end up feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and spending more time in work mode than before, stressed about not having enough clients and being on a financial and emotional roller coaster.

FACT: Without clients you don’t have a business!

FACT: Getting clients doesn’t have to be stressful, overwhelming or expensive!

FACT: You can create a great income AND have a fantastic family lifestyle, IF you get your marketing right!

What does Success mean to you?

If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal business and lifestyle, what would it look like? Here are some examples.
(don’t worry – let yourself imagine the possibilities even if they seem a bit far-fetched right now!)

  • A successful business you love that consistently brings you a flexible lifestyle, more income and more clients each year
  • Quality time and peace of mind to enjoy spending time with your family rather than feeling you should be spending time on your business
  • A reliable and consistent cash flow that allows you to be an equal, if not main, ‘breadwinner’ and able to treat yourself and your loved ones to family holidays and other special treats without having to think about it
  • Genuine excitement and fulfilment in your work, knowing you’re successful doing something YOU love

Sound wonderful?

Becoming your own boss, by starting and growing your own successful business is one of the most exciting and fulfilling ways to earn good money doing something you love and have the income, time and family lifestyle you truly desire.

In fact, you’ve probably been thinking about having your own business for some time now.  Failure is not an option.  You don’t want to think about ‘Plan B’ if this doesn’t work.  You don’t want to have to go back to your old job and regret missing out on the children.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You want a successful business but you don’t want to ever regret missing out on your children in order to get there
  • You feel frustrated and stressedYour marketing results have been disappointing and you don’t know what to do about it
  • You’ve spent time, energy and money setting up an amazing business but you’re struggling to get noticed
  • You don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by all the different possibilities to market your business online and offline
  • You’re uncomfortable with putting yourself out there.  You don’t like blowing your own trumpet or appearing too pushy or ‘salesy’
  • You’re spending too much precious family time, money and energy chasing clients and worrying if you’re going to make enough money

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to Marketing, particularly if you’ve come from a corporate background or organisation where clients were ‘handed’ to you, with no need to worry about Sales and Marketing.

How can you make sure your business gives you consistent income AND flexibility?

That’s why I created the…

The Family-Friendly Marketing Success Programme

Here are the outcomes you’ll celebrate after completing the Family-Friendly Marketing Success Programme…

  • You feel excited and confident because you understand the big picture and how all the Marketing pieces fit together
  • You’re clear about who your ideal clients are and what to offer them
  • You have the powerful words to express what you do and your unique value so that clients say YES to your services, programmes and products
  • You know exactly what to do and what NOT to do, to get the clients you want without getting stressed or overwhelmed
  • You’re confident and clear about how to get clients and make money without needing to be ‘salesy’ or pushy
  • You understand the secrets to getting more results from your Marketing with less time, money and effort
  • You have a clear blueprint to create both the business income AND the family lifestyle of your dreams
  • You have more quality time to spend with your family and having well-deserved ‘You time’


How did I learn about effective Marketing?

Ironically, mastering Marketing had little to do with my post-graduate qualifications in business with a specialism in Marketing or my many years as a business executive and Business Consultant!  But it did have everything to do with what I have personally experienced and learned starting and building my own successful  (and not-so-successful – as that’s where we often learn the most) online and offline businesses over the last 10 years.

These of course include CEO Mums which I successfully started from scratch, with my first VIP client knocking on my door before I’d even officially launched, and achieving 150% of my annual income target  in the first six months alone without having to have a single ‘salesy’ conversation!

“…Because so many skills are required to become an entrepreneur, I felt the need to look for a Mentor. However, I didn’t find anyone adequate. I was so happy when I met Nicola as I realised she was the person who could really help me. She has a different approach from all the mentors or numerous coaches on the market. She helps tackle all the different areas in your life to help you find your balance.

Nicola has also experienced the difficulties to become a Businesswoman and she knows nearly all the pitfalls. I knew I could really benefit from her experience. Furthermore, she has the right personality to help you manage your anxiety and overcome your doubts and fears. She radiates serenity and calm.” ~Alexandra De Faucigny – London –

TRUST your instinct and follow your desire to create and grow your own business and commit to making it happen. Your success starts by getting the right guidance with your marketing and giving yourself the professional support that all successful business people need.

“I love the simplicity of Nicola Huelin’s model. I’d not had Marketing explained to me in such a simple way before that.” ~Ruth Oshikanlu – London –

“Your marketing model was inspirational. It definitely cleared the murky marketing waters for me!!”  ~Clare – London – Business Club Member

Discover how to get a regular flow of clients, increase your monthly income AND still have more time, money and energy for the family you love!

My family-friendly ‘VIP Marketing Success Programme’ is a 3-6 month personal programme designed for female entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers, and business owners, who want to earn great money doing what they love, making a difference in the world AND have the flexibility, control and balance to have their ideal family lifestyle.

If you need more clients and are ready to put in the effort but don’t want stress or to run yourself in to the ground emotionally or financially, and you want to create a great family lifestyle in the process, then this programme is definitely for you!

I will work with you one-to-one to:

  • Get crystal clear on who YOUR ideal clients are and what they want so you know how to attract them
  • Set up your Marketing System so you can stop spending so much time on your Marketing and spend more time doing what you love most
  • Feel confident with your online marketing, even if you’re not great with computers and technology
  • Be authentic, engaging and confident in all of your Marketing conversations so your ideal clients are drawn to you
  • Develop a ‘Success AND Balance Mindset’ to get results without burning yourself out
  • Overcome any fears or lack of confidence that could be leading to procrastination and  holding you back
  • Feel clear, focused and READY to grow your business because you have the big-picture understanding and a detailed Action Plan
  • Learn the step-by-step formula for what to do – and when – to launch your business and attract a STEADY FLOW of clients
  • Get clear on the basic Marketing tools you require – and how to get the right technical support

You will also discover:

  • The 10 vital ingredients to attract your ideal clients and avoid ever having to ‘hard-sell’
  • The top 3 Marketing mistakes which could be turning your clients away
  • My ‘Burning Platform’ 8-step system for turning ‘conversations’ in to paying clients, with no sales gimmicks, just an authentic, value-adding conversation where any ideal client will naturally see the benefits of working with you, and feel the desire to take the next step without any uncomfortable or pushy sales conversations ever!

Together we will create:

  • Your “Marketing Success Blueprint”
  • Your monthly Marketing Success Action Plan
  • An exciting partnership, where I support you with 100% of my expertise, heart and soul to create a regular flow of clients and increase your monthly income in way which respects the time, money and energy you want to devote to your family

This is not a ‘one glove fits all’ marketing course…

The “Family-Friendly Marketing Success Programme, is a unique and highly personalised one-to-one programme, giving you everything you need.  For this reason, I only work with a limited number of VIP clients at a time.

Every training module, email, coaching and mentoring session, worksheet, programme assignment (yes, sorry, there is ‘homework’, or ‘assignments’ as I prefer to call them) is tailored to your individual business and personal lifestyle needs.

I support you at a pace to suit you, based on your business goals and your family’s needs. Everything we do together factors in where you are at currently on your business journey, your current level of marketing knowledge and your personal strengths, weaknesses, needs and aspirations.

Programme details:

  • An initial ‘Success Discovery Session’ (60 min) via Skype or telephone, to get clear on the results you want to achieve
  • Monthly private coaching sessions – 2 x 60min per month (with me, not simply another coach who’s been trained by me). Via Skype, Telephone or face-to-face (dependent on location).
  • Unlimited email support for all your marketing related questions and to give you feedback on all of your Marketing content, throughout the programme (I aim to answer all emails within 24 hours, and you also get my personal hotline number to reach me in case of any business emergencies).

What makes this programme unique?

Your “Marketing Success Programme” is unique, because it is so highly personalised.  You, your business, your family and your aspirations are unique, so too is this programme and the results it will help you to achieve.

This VIP programme focuses exclusively on you, your business, and your family lifestyle; supporting you to create a steady flow of your ideal clients AND maintaining balance, control and flexibility in the process, so that you can really enjoy every step of this exciting chapter of success in your business and life journey without compromising on the quality of your family life and being a great Mum!  A mother should never have to regret missing out on her children!

I’ve also included these PROGRAM BONUSES…

BONUS 1 : You’ll discover my “10-Point Success System”showing the key 10 strategic areas you need to have covered in order to create and sustain a successful business which will ‘add to’ not ‘take away from’ the quality of your family life.

BONUS 2 : I’ll show you how to ditch the never-ending ‘To-do list’, teaching you a simple yet powerful tool  to bring clarity and focus to your daily tasks, so that you can get real results in less time; without having to feel overwhelmed or stressed.

BONUS 3: I’ll share my ONE-Page Business Plan method and template, and work with you to complete all of the essential details on the strategic areas of your business, to really make sure the foundations for your Marketing Success are in place.

BONUS 4: You’ll also get membership to the CEO Mums Business Community, an exclusive business community of over 300 like-minded women who all share the same experience and values of combining business with motherhood.

BONUS 5: You’ll also get VIP access to one of our  “Mpower Mastermind Groups” virtual or local, and access to resources in the Mpower academy

Ready to get the support and know-how you need?

If you’re serious about getting more clients, you’re ready to put in the effort but don’t want stress or to run yourself in to the ground emotionally or financially, and you want to maintain work-life balance in the process, then I would like to offer you :

A complimentary Get more clients – Kickstart Session

In this 60 minute one-to-one consultation via Skype/telephone we will look at your business and lifestyle situation, your goals, your challenges, and I will work with you to:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the business and lifestyle you really want to have
  • Find out the essential building blocks for getting more clients with greater ease
  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from getting clients and having your dream business and lifestyle
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the income and lifestyle you desire
  • Understand if I am the right Business coach & mentor to support you in creating the business and lifestyle you truly want

This kickstart session is not a sales pitch.  This is a genuine offer for me to help you one-to-one.  If during our session I see there is a really good match between any further help and support you might need going forward and what it is I do, then I will take 2 minutes at the end of this session to briefly describe where I see this match and answer any questions you have.

I offer complimentary kickstart sessions on most Fridays, select and book below.

Note: If Friday’s don’t ever work for you then do get in touch and we can explore other options.

Schedule your complimentary 60-min Get More Clients kickstart session today…

CEO Mums Business CoachingYour No risk Programme Guarantee: I’m so confident you’ll LOVE the value of this programme, I’m giving you a no-risk guarantee when you start working with me.  If within the first 31 days, you have attended all sessions and followed all the agreed steps and actions and you are not entirely satisfied with how things are going, I will give you a full and immediate refund, no questions asked.


What if I don’t have a clear business idea or ‘niche’ yet?

The Family-Friendly Marketing Success Programme is designed to help you get absolute clarity on your target market and niche so you know the ideal clients you’re meant to serve and how to communicate the core marketing messages which will engage them and inspire them to take action.

 What if I’m too busy?

One of the most important things to know is, this Family-Friendly Marketing Success Programme is going to SAVE YOU TIME by giving you the quickest proven path to results AND balance. No more wasting time and money trying to learn stuff you’re never going to need or that doesn’t work – it’s COSTING you far more in lost potential income to try to grow your business without this programme.

This is also a VIP one-to-one programme, so it can be totally tailored to suit your time schedule.  This is not a group programme; there’s no group agenda which dictates when and how things need to be done and how quickly.  You set the pace, you choose the dates and times.

 What if I’m not good with computers?

You’re not alone! The good news is, most successful business people don’t actually need to do the “technical part” of marketing.

You need to know the basic purpose of certain online tools and programmes, but it doesn’t mean you have to understand or do anything too technical yourself.  None of this is ‘rocket science’, it’s simply about understanding what to do, and what not to do, at the right time and in the right way…step by step.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Some people imagine they can just sift through all the books and free resources and figure it out by themselves rather than invest in an experienced mentor and coach.

You’ve heard of “trying to re-invent the wheel”, well this is the same thing. Your chances of creating the business success you really want, without all the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion and without missing out on enjoying the next 2-5 years of the precious journey with your children, is highly unlikely.

I don’t want you to have to go off and do business degree or MBA (I’ve done that bit for you), or spend the next 5-10 years figuring out what it REALLY takes to make all the Marketing theory work in PRACTICE (I’ve done that for you too…the HARD way).  What I teach, and the support I give you, will help you shorten the painful and expense learning curve by years.

Whether you choose to work with me or someone else, don’t go it alone, the single most important piece of advice I can give you at this stage is to get mentoring and coaching support to put your “Marketing Success System” in place.

What if I can’t afford it?

I can guarantee you this programme is more affordable than you think.  But if you’re thinking that even the most affordable programme is probably out of your reach, then you’re probably not ready to work with a mentor or coach that will bring these sorts of solutions, transformation and results.

A year from now you will wish you started today…

Investing with mentors to learn proven strategies and methods, and coaches to support me on my journey, has been MY personal secret to success.

I hope you’ll offer yourself this essential support and know-how.

Taking this step will not only allow you to create the business success you deserve that much sooner, it will also make the journey easier and ensure you can also create your desired family lifestyle and enjoy motherhood every step of the way.

Think about the clients, income and time for your family you’ll have when your Family-Friendly Marketing Success Blueprint is working for you and your family – how will you and your loved ones be enjoying your new success and family lifestyle?

I invite you to say, “Yes!” from a place of offering yourself the family lifestyle you long for, the results you can bring about for your clients, and the business success you truly deserve.

Nic x

Nicola Huelin
On a mission to empower one million mums in business

Fully qualified and accredited women’s business coach & mentor

P.S. Still have questions?  Contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you have

P.P.S. Don’t forget to join our CEO Mums Business Community, join a growing community of over 400 like-minded women for support and inspiration, membership to our online group is free


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