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Life in the Zone!


Have you ever been ‘in the zone’?

Clients sometimes ask me how you know when you achieve ‘authentic’ work-life balance.  Of course, authentic work-life balance will look and ultimately feel different for different people, each with our own set of personal and professional circumstances, values and goals, however in attempt to answer this frequently asked question, I often liken it to being ‘in the zone’?

When I was a young girl, I used to play Netball for the school team.  Most days our training and matches would feel like very hard work.  The team didn’t always gel, our opposition always seemed to be one step ahead of us, and as the goals started stacking up against us, try as we might, it became increasingly hard to claw our way back in to the matches.  We felt disconnected, disheartened and thoroughly drained.  Whatever we did never seemed quite enough to make any significant difference.  No matter how hard we trained, how hard we played, we were never good enough to win.

But I remember this one, almost magical match, which was like nothing I’d ever known before…

If you’ve ever seen the film ‘The Matrix’ you’ll remember the scenes where everything around the hero slows right down.  With his adversaries in slow motion, our hero was able to easily dodge bullets, make the right moves, anticipate and overcome the most powerful of challenges.

Well, this particular netball match was our ‘Matrix Match’, it was as though everyone and everything was in slow motion, we were now the ones who were always one step ahead, we could see them all coming, we had ‘fire in our bellies’, it was as if our individual moves and thinking were so converged we were flowing together in a single force.  Nothing could have stopped us that day!

When athletes are ‘in the zone’ it is often defined as “a state that produces achievement with such an extraordinary, often unlikely, degree of success that it seems to defy purely rational explanation”.

But it’s not just about the degree of ‘success’, it’s about ‘ease’, it’s as though no matter how difficult the situation or the challenge, it becomes something that can be achieved with ease, with a natural flow.

Life can be like this too…

When you find ‘your flow’ and live life ‘in the zone’, your ability to achieve extraordinary results, achieve things you didn’t even know to be possible, things you perhaps once thought were impossible, not only become conceivable but easy…life in the zone is both amazing and easy, almost effortless!

When you are in the zone, life flows, doors open, opportunities line themselves up, it all feels natural.  It doesn’t of course mean that life no longer presents us with challenges, but it does mean we are able to deal with these challenges in the most resourceful way possible and we are not thrown off course, or off balance.

This all sounds great in theory, but how do you get in the ‘life zone’?  I believe there are two steps and six essential ingredients to getting in the life zone.  Next week, I’ll share step one…

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