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I have developed strengths I didn’t know I had

Shaza Agabani - Nicola Huelin Business Coach & Mentor

Nicola has a way of making you feel that the sun is always shining. She has brought calm and gratitude to every situation I have ever discussed with her. When she talks to you she gives you her full attention – a very rare quality these days.

Throughout the time I have known her and been part of her CEO Mums community I have developed strengths I didn’t know I had and been able to take risks I never thought I would ever be brave enough to do. And I have seen her do this to other mums in the community – her support has helped many mums thrive and Florish. It’s so lovely to experience. I always feel that she is holding my hand even when she’s not around, because her work is so heartfelt and genuine I really feel her authenticity – Another rare quality. I never feel that there is a hidden agenda and the women around her that she has helped and supported all shine too. Enabling me to create long lasting friendships and support. All because of Nicola.

She gets it. She understands the current business trends; The direction the new and flourishing women’s entrepreneurial revolution is heading; the systems within the corporate world and she shares the information openly because of her belief that the secret lies in building strong mums in business.

I have No doubt that she will be able to reach her target of 1 million mums in business and be able to deliver and support a workable, accessible and bespoke solution to them all.

- Shaza Agabani – Jewlery Designer & Sales Executive – London

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