For Working Mums who want to 'Cherish Every Opportunity' in Career & Motherhood

Mpower Mastermind Groups

Discover the power of Mpower Mastermind Groups combined to take you from overwhelm, doubt and frustration to Clarity, Confidence & Connections!

Mpower is a movement to connect, inspire and empower one million Mumpreneurs to live life on their terms, giving the freedom of choice money just can’t buy. It’s a community of women, on a mission to make their mark on the world, in the way only they can. Armed with vision, self-belief and surrounded by the right people anything is possible #ExpectMiracles

Start your business and get more clients.

Go from overwhelm, doubt and frustration to connections, clarity and confidence.

Are you ready to join us on the journey? Are you ready to get Mpowered?

The 3 C’s of Mpower

Through the power of community and making real masterminding accessible and affordable, Mpower is supporting, inspiring and connecting mums in the early stages of starting and growing a business to bring them

  • Connections – Join the community. Online and offline support in our members-only Facebook community and Mpower Mastermind groups
  • Clarity – Define your vision, create your own blueprint for success and get a clear plan of action. Get started today with the Mpower Startup Success kickstart guide
  • Confidence – Stop doubting, Start doing! With the right support and a clear vision, procrastination and overhwhelm become a thing of the past

Nicola Huelin CEO Mums Womens Business Coach Mpower Mastermind Groups

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others” ~ African proverb

Visit the new Mpower Mastermind group website, as we prepare to roll out virtual and local Mastermind groups across the UK …the website is still a work in progress, but we’re happy for you to get a sneak peak and see what we’re already up to


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