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Emily Thorpe

My name is Emily Thorpe, mum of two spirited (aka noisy) boys and I am passionate about giving mums the tools they need to enable them to be the mum they dreamed they would be.

You see I thought I was going to be like Mary Poppins, lots of singing, games fun and laughter with children, who did what I asked and adored me. I know it sounds very naïve – I am an optimist, but nothing prepared me for the reality of being a mum. I was sleep-deprived, stressed, overwhelmed and had ‘mummy guilt’ on steroids! Don’t get me wrong I loved being a mum and it certainly wasn’t all bad, but it was so far from the picture perfect version of motherhood I had imagined.

The breaking point came when my second son was old enough to want and grab toys from my eldest; the sibling rivalry and fighting had begun and I became a ‘shouty’ mum. I would wake up in the morning and my first thought would be ‘Today I am not going to shout’ by 7:30a.m. I had failed!

I knew I couldn’t carry on like that, of all the jobs I had ever done, being a mum was the one I wanted to do best, so that meant I had to find another way.  The turning point came as a result of training to be a life coach. I thought I was learning how to help others, but I learned so much about myself and what made me tick, that I finally had the answers to being the mum I dreamed I would be.

And being like most women I know, when I find something good I’ve got to share it. So I wrote a book “The Working Mum’s 5 Step Solution to Having It All” and began on my new path, which is to make it easy for other mums to be the mum they dreamed they would be.

Not stressed or overwhelmed, not plagued by guilt, not bogged down with chores and too busy or too tired to enjoy any quality time with their family.  Instead I enable women to feel calm and bring ease back into their lives.

  • They get things done with time to spare
  • They make time for fun and connection with their children, and spend it being really present
  • They know what they want and what they enjoy
  • They are no longer plagued with ‘should’s and ‘ought to’s.
  • They are guilt free!
  • Best of all they appreciate themselves and honour themselves with selfcare, filling their cup so they show up as the best mother, wife, daughter, friend and colleague, they could be.

And what is the impact of this self awareness and selfish behaviour on their children? There are happy children who not only have happy, fulfilled mums but also have the most brilliant role models in their lives; showing them unapologetically “You deserve to dream big, you deserve the best…now go for it’

Thank you so much for your invaluable advice, support and encouragement over the past 9 months. The strategies we’ve used during our coaching sessions to overcome what I thought were undefeatable obstacles have been truly life changing for me.  Your understanding and non-judgemental approach has always lifted me to a better place. I’ve overcome many fears and achieved so much and as I continue to grow I have the confidence I need to fulfil all my dreams. ~ Lindsey Jones


I listened to Emily’s affirmations CD, thinking it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference for me.  I’m fairly positive in my thinking and try to focus on the silver linings with everything.  However, listening to it was like relaxing in a hot bath of awesomeness.  It didn’t feel hokey at all!  I realized I am all the wonderful things she said — I just never really tell myself these nice things!  It was so lovely to listen and come up with recent examples of how I really I am a great Mom.  It was super-relaxing AND empowering.  I highly recommend it!” ~ Allison Hamilton-Rohe founder of Daily Outfit


Emily has a fabulous way about her with a wonderful sense of humour. She is totally authentic and has great knowledge and experience of her subject matter which I know will really help Mums who are going through a tricky and challenging patch in their lives. I would definitely recommend connecting to Emily. ~ Joss Sargent

Emily Thorpe the working mums 5 step solution to having it all CEO Mums Coaching for Mums in BusinessEmily Thorpe

Award-winning Women’s Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Founder of Happy Working Mum

Author of  The Working Mums 5 Step Solution to Having It All



Winner of We Are The City Top 50 “Rising Star in Consulting 2015”

Women in Business Sussex Finalist “Mentor of The Year 2015”


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