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Challenges of Childcare in the school holidays

CEO Mums School Holidays

School holidays can feel like a real ‘Juggling Act’!

On the one hand there’s a bit of relief that we no longer have to rush around getting everyone ready for the childminder/nursery/school, no more school run or packed lunches to prepare, there may even be less pressure to do daily homework.

However, on the other hand, everyone’s either at home needing to be taken care of and fed, or needs to be taken to family, friends, clubs or childcare providers so that we can make some space for our work and business commitments without the children feeling sidelined!  When they get older, the challenges are still there, they’re just different.

My four are between the ages of 18 and 10, and the logistics of trying to provide three meals a day, particularly with three ever-hungry growing boys is just as challenging as giving them the trust and kitchen space to do it themselves (can you imagine what the task of cleaning up looks like afterwards). This afternoon however, I’ve at least found a wonderful solution for my daughter, who is revising for her end of year exams.  Whilst the boys are all engaged in sports, visiting family and spending time with friends, my daughter and I have a desk each in the office and are keeping each other company while we focus on our work.  I’m making good progress on my tasks for today, although the burning question is still…what on earth am I going to cook tonight!

Our guest expert at the next CEO Mums “More Than Networking” live event on May 14th, is a top childcare consultant for My Family Care, who’ll be sharing their insights, tips and advice on how to find the right childcare solutions, particularly for those tricky school holidays.

What’s your biggest challenge during the school holidays?

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