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Work-life Balance

Cheryl Richardson and Nicola Huelin

What’s the secret of a high quality life?

Great food for thought from the inspirational Cheryl Richardson at this weekend’s ‘Movers & Shakers” event…she said “High quality life has so much more to do with what you remove from your life”. I believe that before we get...

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Time Management for Business Mums is misleading and overrated

In the world of the Business Mum, ’Time Management’ is a misleading and overrated term! Nobody should make their FOCUS about managing time, time cannot be managed or controlled. We all have 24 hours in a day and the sands...

CEO Mums Tips for School Holidays

[More than] Surviving the School Holidays

The start of the school holidays can bring about mixed emotions for mothers…on the one hand we get to spend more time with our children and the days don’t have to feel so dictated by the school runs, on...

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Are you on the ‘Passion Ladder’?

Ever wondered how to make your career next steps as exciting as your baby’s first steps? There are times in our lives when we seem to question everything…hitting age milestones, getting married (or divorced) and health scares. Having a...

GREAT Jounal Technique CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

More positive in 5 minutes a day!

What if you could feel more positive and empowered and become aware of what is holding you back in just five minutes a day, wouldn’t that be G.R.E.A.T? You might have noticed I didn’t post an article last week,...

work life balance

Stress kills!

Stress is one of the major curses of today’s modern society, and it’s a destructive, lethal and silent killer… Stress kills vital life skills; our ability to see the big picture, to think clearly, to prioritise, to control our...


Life in the Zone!

Have you ever been ‘in the zone’? Clients sometimes ask me how you know when you achieve ‘authentic’ work-life balance.  Of course, authentic work-life balance will look and ultimately feel different for different people, each with our own set...

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