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Success Stories

Sarah Beilfuss The Recoverist

Without Nicola my business may never have happened

After I left my job as an IT security consultant at one of the big four consultancy firms, I set out to set up my own business. Having never had my own business and with very limited business knowledge...

CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

Allowed me to focus and take control again

As a person who experiences overwhelm – there are just not enough hours in the day! Nicola is a competent coach and trainer with a manner which is comfortable, allowing you to talk without judgement. Nicola will challenge allowing...

CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

Focus on my life balance and priorities

Nicola’s passion for her work shines through and she takes the time and care to ensure that her clients’ objectives are met. I personally gained many useful tips from the workshop as well as a rare time out to...

CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

Used to think not enough hours in the day!

I found this workshop incredibly useful. It helped me become more aware of the reasons I am so stretched for time, and what to do about it. So whereas I used to think it was simply a...

CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

Career/Business Direction

Fresh from the VIP session I am buzzing with new ideas. New in the sense of a fresh rejuvenating of aspects of me that were inherent within, but had been easily left to the side, discarded or written off...

Kerry Histed

Confidence to make changes

I was having challenges in listening to the positive voice inside me, and taking control of situations without letting them get to me. I needed guidance on where to start, this is when I met welcoming Nicola. I have...

CEO Mums

Confidence to create a successful business

The challenge in my current situation that brought me to Nicola – being overwhelmed by the complexity of beginning a business, having some kind of idea of what I needed to do, but not being really sure if it...

Malgosia Lewes

Business Inspiration

My experience with Nicola began when I discovered her through a networking web site and she offered to attend one of our meet ups. When she did so, I had the pleasure of meeting a well grounded, confident, socially...

CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

Insight & Confidence

During my coaching sessions I found the questions that I was asked were sometimes quite challenging to answer, but they were things I did actually need to ask myself. This enabled me to approach the situation from a different...

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