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CEO Mums Business Coaching for Women

Time Management for Business Mums is misleading and overrated

In the world of the Business Mum, ’Time Management’ is a misleading and overrated term! Nobody should make their FOCUS about managing time, time cannot be managed or controlled. We all have 24 hours in a day and the sands...

CEO Mums School Holidays

Challenges of Childcare in the school holidays

School holidays can feel like a real ‘Juggling Act’! On the one hand there’s a bit of relief that we no longer have to rush around getting everyone ready for the childminder/nursery/school, no more school run or packed lunches...

CEO Mums Business Club

Have you perfected your Pitch?

Today was a day ringing with “What do you do?”.  I’ve just got back from spending an afternoon with with some amazing women, all founding members of the CEO Mums Business Club!  There were great dynamics, and it was...

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