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Cases of Anxiety Helped by Homeopathy – by Sarah Davison

CEO Mums Sarah Davison

What do David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Emma Stone, Kate Moss, Carmen Diaz, Scarlett Johansen, Charlize Theron, Adele, Kim Basinger and Marilyn Monroe all have in common, apart from being celebrities?…

An anxiety disorder.

Most of us know what it is to feel anxious or fearful before an exam, interview, public-speaking, or about a conflict with someone. But it is a short-term disturbance, after which we return to normal. That is not the case for those who suffer from an anxiety disorder. For them, anxiety can come on intensely and unexpectedly, and is severely debilitating and life-limiting. When I looked up the statistics, I found that more women suffer anxiety than men, and the most common disorder being ‘mixed anxiety and depression’.

Causes of Severe Anxiety

The Past: The root of anxiety often lies in past experiences such as sudden loss, abusive parenting, a fright or shock, bullying.

Learned Behaviour: Sometimes anxiety can be a learned behaviour from an anxious parent.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle and habits can play a large part in anxiety.  Poor diet, too much caffeine, sugar, drugs – recreational and some prescription – can all contribute to anxiety.  Also, if you have pushed yourself too hard for too long, and you are exhausted, then you may be susceptible to anxiety, even panic attacks.

Cases of Anxiety Helped by Homeopathy

A Case of Panic Attacks

I treated a woman, age 32, for panic attacks. Her history of difficult relationships where she was treated badly made her hypersensitive to the same happening in her latest relationship, even though it was a good one. She developed panic attacks where she would initially try to suppress the tears, but would always end up sobbing hysterically, hyperventilating, sweating, shaking, feeling dizzy, with hot and cold flushes. She did not want to be touched while this was going on.  Within a month of taking the homeopathic remedy Ignatia, her panic attacks had gone and she was feeling much less anxious and more relaxed.

A Case of Generalised Anxiety

Another woman in her late 30’s was anxious and panicky.  Anxious as a child, in her twenties she had experienced panic attacks and depression as a result of being bullied and physically intimidated. These feelings, though long gone, had been re-triggered by the stress of being pregnant with her first child.  As a person she was a worrier, who was always in a hurry, very restless, impatient and irritable, with a strong need for order.  Arsenicum Album helped her enormously.

A Case of Irrational Fears & Superstition

Suffering from a variety of irrational, often intense fears including disease, losing loved ones, heights, and the dark, this woman would always jump to the worst possible conclusion. She had a tendency also to be superstitious, and saw certain events as signs that something bad would happen, and would have rituals to prevent those bad things happening. On the remedy Argentum Nitricum, she became much less fearful and superstitious and was able to relax and enjoy her life.

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