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Are you on the ‘Passion Ladder’?

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Ever wondered how to make your career next steps as exciting as your baby’s first steps?

There are times in our lives when we seem to question everything…hitting age milestones, getting married (or divorced) and health scares. Having a baby seems to the one that really starts mums questioning everything and refocusing their goals, particularly with regards to work and career.

Every women reacts differently. Some women decide to change tack and start another career or even their own business, whilst some find it the driver to make their way to the top with more ambition and passion than ever before. It’s a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong choice, but what’s important is making one that fills you with passion.

Having the passion to fulfil your work desires has an equally fulfilling effect, that of being the fulfilled mother, the ultimate best version of yourself (which really does make for a happy and contented family).

Sometimes in the midst of sleepless nights, washing, doing the school run and trying to get to work on time, it’s hard to step back and think about what changes could be made to your career approach, that would improve both your work life and personal life. So before you do anything, get some clarity and grab a pen and paper!

Think carefully about your personal (and work) values, what’s truly important to you and write it down. When put in writing, it can help you see what is important to you and then you can’t ignore it!

The result might be that you realise you need to follow your dream of being your own boss, or developing that bright idea you’ve had, or tweaking your current work set up (working from home one day a week?) or perhaps something in between (a bridging job to keep a continued income but free up time to explore your own business aspirations). Now what?

There are some tried and tested transition strategies that can make this decision making process a little easier (we all know how hard this can be with family and financial pressures on us). If you want to know more please join us at our first business and lifestyle event “More than Networking”. Are you coming?

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